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Kash Global Our Products’ Journey

At Kash Global®, we only make products we’re passionate about. However, our passion is triggered by the needs of our sophisticated customers for products that fit into their 21st century lifestyle and add value to it.  Therefore, we’re committed to devise products that offer quality, convenience and style.  Products that are usable and loveable.  We’re proudly a UK Brand and our products comply with UK standards.  We’re existed to take on a journey on board of Kash Global® to experience our interesting product route from departure of the idea space to arrival in your hands.

Product development

Our products journey starts from communication with our customers when we realise that their wants are not perfectly met by products available off-the-shelf.  So, we start conceptualising a product that satisfies our customers desire.  We make sure all gaps perceived by our customers are bridged and the product boast all desired features coupled with the highest possible in addition to the style and presentation that appeal to our customers developed taste.  Here we identify set the standards and specifications that make the product an excellent fit one by one.  We go as deep as necessary into details of each component and feature to ensure that our product offers good solutions for existing products’ problems.     

Product Design

Kash Global Product Design

Kash Global Product Design1

When specifications are detailed, we start invoking life into our concept through design.  Our harmonised designs ensure products features combined perfectly achieve the required purpose of the product. We devise designs that are practical, convenient, easy to use in addition to being stylish and eye-catching.  Our designs combine simplicity and vibrant colours to offer you products not only to use but also like.


We manufacture our products in state-of-the-art facilities that are equipped with the latest machinery and technologies.  Our manufacturing systems are up-to-date and well-prepared to make quality products that are second to none.  Our production specialists are highly skilled and qualified to develop first class products.  They’re experts in what they do.  Our manufacturing bases are world-standard and ISO certified.  However, our ultimate aim is present you with useful products you love.


Kash Global KN95 Mask Box

Kash Global Sanitiser Packaging

Kash Global Respirator Face Mask

Needless to say that the first element customers experience about the product is packaging which may tell a lot about the product before even seeing it.  However, exaggerated packaging undoubtedly means extra cost that customers pay for and in many cases ends in the bin. Therefore, at Kash Global, we opt for simple, practical and well-presented packaging.  Our objective is to provide proper packaging that offers best protection and attractive presentation while at the same time avoiding extravagant packaging that’s associated with wasted added cost.  

Quality Check


Health Lab Security Check

Our products are up to the highest industry standards.  They comply with the best possible world quality requirements including CE, ISO, HCCP and other standards as applicable. They have quality certification and independent testing as deemed proper.  But that’s not all.  We have our own quality system and each item is checked individually before it’s made available to customers.  However, our after-sale service is designed to support customers after receiving their items.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any issue with our products and we’ll ensure you’re fully satisfied.   


Kash Global® is a green company that considers the environment at every stage of its operations.  Most of our materials and components are eco-friendly.  We try to use organic and natural materials as much as possible.  A number of our products ae 100% natural and organic.  We use clean and renewable energy as much as we can with minimised carbon footprint.  


Our products are ethically made without testing on animals and without causing any harm to people, animals and the planet’s ecological system.