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Respirador de partículas con válvula KN95 Mascarilla facial de 6 capas KN95 PM2.5 FFP2

  • Built in 6-ply filter with at least 95% filtration efficiency for effective protection from dust and pollution
  • Ergonomic design with breathable nonwoven fabric highly adaptive nose wire and extra thick straps
  • Quality breathing valve suitable for various environments
  • We are Proudly a UK Brand and our face masks are delivered to your doorsteps within 24 Hours
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 CE, EN149: 2001A1: 2009, GB2626 2006, KN95, PM2.5.5 Certificado con al menos 95 de eficiencia de filtracióny

 Máscaras N95 consofisticada filtración de 6 capas para protección contra polvo y pequeñas partículas contaminantes

 Nuestra mascarilla respiratoria N95 cuenta con un diseño ergonómico con tejido transpirable, correas gruesas y pieza nasal altamente adaptable

 Una mascarilla protectora N95 conválvula de exhalación de alta calidad adecuado para varios entornos

 Somos orgullosamente unMarca del Reino Unido y nuestras mascaras sonentregado en su puerta dentro de las 24 horas

Kash Global Particulate Respirador con válvula KN95 Mascarilla facial de 6 capas KN95 PM2.5 FFP22

🔴 Nuestras mascarillas faciales N95 están hechas de tela no tejida de primera calidad. Ofrecen filtros múltiples con filtración de partículas de 6 capas que incluyen:

⭐ Capa externa no tejida transpirable con estilo
⭐ Aislamiento de algodón con aire caliente para absorber la humedad y mejorar la respiración
⭐ Filtro de carbón activado que elimina las moléculas contaminantes por adsorción.
⭐ Filtro KN95 doble fundido
⭐ Capa interna no tejida agradable para la piel

🔴 CE, EN149: 2001A1: 2009, GB2626 2006, KN95, PM2.5 Elegante forma 3D certificada diseñada para proporcionar un ajuste ergonómico y una cobertura adecuada de la cara..

🔴 Una válvula de respiración de calidad que facilita la exhalación al tiempo que evita la humedad y la acumulación de calor dentro de la máscara.

🔴 Nuestra mascarilla facial N95 es de pliegue plano. está ventilado, es fácil de transportar y adecuado para diversos entornos a nivel personal y profesional. Cada respirador está empaquetado higiénicamente en una bolsa de plástico sellada.

🔴 Su satisfacción es nuestra máxima prioridad. Somos orgullosamente una marca del Reino Unido. Si bien nos enorgullecemos de nuestra calidad premium garantizada, siempre nos encanta saber de nuestros clientes. Si tiene algún problema con nuestros productos, no dude en ponerse en contacto con nosotros y asegurarse de que está completamente satisfecho.ed. 

🔴 Nuestras máscaras se envían el mismo día desde nuestras existencias en el Reino Unido y se entregan a su puerta dentro de las 24 horas.

Key Features

⭐Over 95% filtration efficiency through a 6-layer built-in filter including:

⭐ Stylish breathable nonwoven external layer

⭐ Hot air cotton insulation for moisture absorption and enhanced breathing

⭐ Activated carbon that removes pollutant molecules

⭐ Double melt blown layer

⭐ Skin friendly non-woven internal layer

A quality breather valve that makes exhalation easier while preventing humidity and the build-up of heat inside the mask.

Stylish 3D shape professionally designed to provide you with an ergonomic fit and a proper coverage of the face.

A flat fold face mask vented, easy to carry and suitable for various environments at the personal and professional levels. Each mask is hygienically packed in a sealed plastic bag.

Cost effective packs of 3, 10, 20, 40, 60 and 100 masks that offer exceptional deals and great savings.

We’re Proudly a UK Brand and Our face masks are dispatched the same day from our UK stock and usually delivered next day to our UK customers.

Suitable Use

Our masks are suitable for personal, public and business environments where reliable protection is required including:

• educational settings such as schools, colleges, universities and training establishments;
• healthcare and medical establishments such as hospitals, surgeries, clinics and medical centres;
• retail outlets such as stores, supermarkets, malls, shopping centres, showrooms, estate agencies, banks, cafes, restaurants, hairdressers and beauty salons;
• businesses such as offices, manufacturing, construction, exhibitions, conferences and government departments;
• leisure facilities such as gyms, art galleries, theatres and cinemas;
• public transportation such as airports, bus, railway and taxi stations.

Technical Details

• Mask Weight: 13 g
• Unit Package Dimensions: L 11.5cm X W 12cm X H 5mm
• KN95
• PM2.5
• FFP2
• CE, EN149:2001+A1:2009, GB2626 – 2006
• Store in the original packaging away from contamination, dust, extreme heat and excessive moisture.
• Storage Temperature Range: -20°C (-4°F) to +40°C (+86°F)
• Storage Maximum Humidity: <80% RH

How to Wear It

1. Place your fingers through the ear straps and position the mask on your nose and mouth with the nosepiece up.
2. Pull the straps back resting them around your ears. Pull the mask from the top and bottom to fully unfold and provide maximum coverage of the face.
3. Position both hands’ fingertips at the top of the nosepiece and mould the nose area to fit your nose. Using both hands, move your fingertips down both sides of your nose while pushing inward.
Clipping the nosepiece with one hand may affect the mask’s performance if it’s not properly fitted.
4. Check the mask-to-face seal each time you wear the mask. Position both hands entirely over the respirator and exhale sharply while keeping the respirator in position. If air leaks around nose, readjust the nosepiece as explained in step 3. If air leaks at edges of the respirator, readjust the straps around your ears.

How to Wash It

One way of disinfecting the mask without reducing its filtration efficiency is by submerging it in steam or boiling water for 3 minutes without excessive stirring. Cleaning the mask with alcohol or soapy water may lead to a reduction in the mask’s filtration efficiency. Other cleaning methods include dry heat, UV light and moist heat.


Can be used multiple times with the recommended inspection procedures applied. However, a key factor for safe reusability is to keep it fit and functional. The time of constant use in none-dusty environments is generally dependant on hygienic considerations such as contamination rather than a pre-determined number of hours. Ultimately, the mask’s protection is unlikely to degrade due to extended use alone. Nonetheless, it’s recommended to discard the mask in the following events:

• after use in aerosol environments;
• in case it’s contaminated;
• after close contact with infected people;
• when it’s obviously damaged or hard to breathe through.