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Dear Granny, I Do Care

Diseñador: Kash Global®

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Sold separately for £77.47

Use the Discount Code: DEARGRANNY on Checkout to save £20 with this offer

✔️Achieve multilayers of protection in one purchase

✔️Have Absolute Hand Hygiene Confidence with our Extra Strength and moisturizing Hand Sanitiser Gel 

✔️Pass the protection message around sophisticatedly with the World's First Sanitiser Catalyst

This special Granny, I Do Care Offer includes 3 items that provide you and your loved ones with ultimate multifaceted protection:

🔴 Pack of 5 Reusable Face Mask with Breathing Valve

🔴 Pack of 2 bottles of Hand Sanitiser Gel 500 ml 70% Alcohol with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for Absolute Hand Hygiene Confidence for you and your loved ones. It boasts a moisturizing formula with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E that dries instantly for convenient all-day use. Its 70% Alcohol ensures 99.9 of germs and viruses are utterly eliminated.

🔴The World’s First Automatic Talking Hand Sanitiser Catalyst. Remind people around you of your protection message with customized, gentle, and inclusive calls for action. Present a sophisticated and advanced image of your place. When a person is detected the catalyst plays a sound, makes a voice announcement, and shed lights on the object underneath it be it a hand sanitizer bottle, stand, dispenser, or any other object. 26 pre-recorded standard messages, Unlimited customizable messages, 20 languages, 5-year battery life and more.