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Kash® Lulua8 Smart Watch Fitness Tracker 2021

Designer: Kash Global®

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The Latest 2021 Kash® Lulua8 Smart Watch Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor Watch IP68 Waterproof Thermometer Oximeter Pedometer Fitness Watch for Women Men iPhone Android watch

🏊Stylish twin-colour strap made from food grade silicone ornamented with a HD IPS wide visual angle dynamic display touch screen with double tested high efficiency IP68 waterproof

💖 Follow your heart with a 24/7 dynamic heart rate monitor via a high precision 3-axis acceleration optical sensor with the anti-interference technology

🧑‍🚀Boost your body potentials through a customisable automatic body thermometer, on-watch automatic blood pressure monitor & blood oxygen monitor

🚴‍♂️Optimise your fitness with a smart sports pedometer supported by a multi-sports mode with intelligent motion and calorie computing

💤Improve your wellbeing via a reliable sleep monitor, respiratory rate monitor, sedentary reminder & drink water reminder

📲Smart connection control with Bluetooth, push message, call reminder, alarm clock, find your phone and find your watch with up to 10-day standby battery time

📸 Shake take cool photos: Memories can't be cooler; set the scene and just shake your hand to take a selfie or a group photo

A Piece of Art on Your Wrist

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Lots of functions that you can personalise in support of your own lifestyle

Learn how your body functions and leverage the information to improve your physique with all-day activity tracking including: 

  • HD IPS Wide Visual Angle Dynamic Display Touch Screen
  • IP68 Waterproof, Double Tested High Efficiency
  • High Precision 3-Axis Optical Acceleration Sensor
  • 24/7 Anti-Interference Dynamic Heart Rate Monitor
  • 24/7 Customisable Body Temperature measurement
  • 24/7 On-Watch Blood Pressure Monitor, Blood Oxygen Monitor
  • Sleep Monitor, Respiratory Rate Monitor
  • Multi-Sports Mode / Smart Pedometer
  • Sedentary Reminder, Water Drink Reminder
  • Smart Connection Control: Call Reminder, Push Notifications, Alarm Clock, Stopwatch
  • Shake Take Cool Photos, Find Phone, Find Watch
  • Up to 10-Day Standby Battery Life
  • Android 4.4+ and IOS 8.0+
  • App: Youth Health

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Presented with Style and Trendy Mosaic of Colours

Not only functional but also Stylish with an elegant strap made from food grade silicone and ornamented with an HD IPS wide visual angle dynamic display touch screen enabling clear reading of fitness data from different angles. High contrast and wide colour gamut for a superior smartwatch experience.



Double Tested High Efficiency IP68 Waterproof

Built to endure various environments. Kash Lulua8 comes with a staggering IP68 waterproof and dust resistance. To ensure high efficiency in real life circumstances, Lulua8 waterproof performance has been double tested.

However, it's worth noting that the waterproof performance of electronics is generally known to decrease with use over time. It's also recommended to avoid hot water for a better waterproof performance.

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Follow Your Heart

24/7 Anti-interference Dynamic Heart Rate Monitor

You can't be more satisfied with the accuracy of the data collected through a high precision 3-axis optical sensor. It automatically monitors your heart rate variations 24/7 providing you with in-depth insight into your energy consumption. You can then utilise the data for optimal activity planning to achieve your fitness goals. Moreover, Kash Lulua8 utilises the anti-interference technology to provide you with highly reliable heart rate monitoring.

High Precision 3-Axis Optical Acceleration Sensor

For better understanding of your body functionality.

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Automatic Body Thermometer

Customisable Body Temperature Measurement

24/7 Automatic customisable body temperature measurement via a high precision optical 3-axis sensor.

Historic Data

For informed tracking of your wellbeing, historic temperature variable data is always available to you in the App.

Body Temperature Wearing Method

For accurate temperature measurement, please wear the watch for over 15 minutes and tighten the strap.

You can customise the automatic temperature measurement interval.

Easy to Start, Navigate and Use

Follow the simple instructions below to start using your watch: 
  • Charge the watch for at least 2 hours. Clip the watch in the charger with the 2 pins in place.
  • Make sure you see the green battery charging icon on the screen.
  • Scan the barcode on the watch manual and install the app.
  • Click "Device" on the app. Then, click "add device".
  • With the watch on and close to the phone, click the watch as it appears on the app to pair them.
  • You can also connect Apple Health from "Device" on the app.
  • Use a short press to navigate between the watch screens and a long press to view or use the options of each screen.

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Autonomous Blood Pressure Monitor

Autonomous on-watch 24/7 blood pressure monitor. You don't need to go to the phone app to check your blood pressure. The process can be completely done on your smartwatch.

24/7 Blood Oxygen Monitoring is also available on this fitness watch.

Smart Sports Pedometer

The smart sports pedometer is designed to assists you optimise your fitness. The multi-sports mode is supported by an advanced algorithm for intelligent computing of motion and calories to inform you physique improvement and help you achieve your fitness goals.

Reliable Sleep Monitor & Respiratory Rate Monitor

Improve the quality of your sleep with an automatic sleep monitor that tracks your deep sleep, Light Sleep & wakefulness. It’s complemented by a respiratory rate monitor for better understanding of your body functionality. It's never been easier to improve your individual sleeping regime.


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Sedentary Reminder & Water Clock

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Smart Connection Control

Your wellbeing is never better maintained with Kash Lulua8 sedentary reminder & drink reminder that reminds you to drink water.

The smart connection control keeps you in the loop with push messages, call reminder, alarm clock, stop watch.

Don’t worry anymore about forgetting where you left your phone or watch. You can always find your phone through your watch and vice versa. Just connect them through the app.

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Up to 10-Day Standby Time

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Shake Take Cool Photos

This fitness watch supports:

Android 4.4+ and IOS 8.0+

Just shake your hand to take cool photos.