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Procurement and Supplier Management Policy

Kash Global procurement and supplier management policy


Kash Global is committed to a procurement and tendering compliant with the European and UK regulation based on:

  • Transparency and fairness by maintaining all records and documents related to buying decisions and processes.
  • Equality and Indiscrimination through allowing all potential venders equal opportunity to quote for and supply goods and services regardless of their size, geographical location or contractual history.
  • Relevancy via not requesting information irrelevant to the required supplies.


Kash Global observes the following procedures in its procurement process:


  • Purchase of items under £5000 is at the discretion of the Managing Director who is responsible for ensuring value for money.


  • For requirements up to £100k, Kash Global advertises the opportunity for suppliers to quote. Kash Global seeks three written quotes from venders premised on clear specifications.  While it’s deemed important, Kash Global does not base its buying decision solely on price and other value-for-money factors are considered including:
  • quality of products or services and timely delivery which may involve attendance on site if necessary.
  • Warranty and after sale service especially for technical products and services.
  • Suppliers’ expertise in the provided products or services including their business reputation and reviews or testimonies.


  • For items over £100k, Kash Global will normally advertise the opportunity and draw up written specifications. However, the advertisement method and the selection process will depend on the nature of the requirement and the potential suppliers.  This may include local, national or international trade publications and digital platforms.


  • In case of very big projects associated with public funding with services of around £200k or above, Kash Global will abide with the programme’s owner’s instructions including advertising in the Official Journal of the European Union.


  • Kash Global may directly choose a preferred vender based on the special nature of the required service in circumstances including but not limited to:
  • Highly specialised needs where potential alternative suppliers are difficult to be identified.
  • Highly commercially confidential supplies
  • Required goods or services depend on the knowledge of a particular provider or previous collaboration with them.


In these cases, Kash Global will apply necessary procedure to establish that the supplier’s prices are reasonable through benchmarking with similar venders where this is practicable and record and file details.


Policy created: 15th February 2017


Policy to be reviewed: 25th October 2020