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Is Kash® Face Mask Reusable?

Is Kash® Face Mask Reusable?


According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), a KN95 mask can be used up to five with the recommended inspection procedures applied.  However, a key factor for safe reusability is that the respirator must be kept fit and functional. Moreover, the time of constant use of the respirator in none-dusty environments is generally dependant on hygienic and practical considerations such as contamination or bathroom usage rather than a pre-determined number of hours. Ultimately, the mask’s protection is unlikely to degrade due to extended use alone.  Nonetheless, it’s recommended to discard the KN95 respirator in the following events:

  •         After use in aerosol environments;
  •         In case it’s contaminated;
  •         After close contact with infected people;
  •         When the respirator is obviously damaged or hard to breathe through