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Kash® Rawa1 Smart Watch Fitness Tracker 2021

Designer: Kash Global®

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Kash® Rawa1 Smart Watch Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor Watch Non-Contact Thermometer Oximeter Pedometer Waterproof Fitness Watch for Women Men iPhone Android Watch

🏊Ergonomically curved Design boasting a textured skin friendly silicone strap topped by a waterproof HD 1.14-inch touch screen with customisable Multi-interface Dial

🧑‍🚀Interact with your body through a real-time temperature monitor with a high temperature alarm or use your watch as a non-contact thermometer by applying it to the forehead

💖Follow your heart with a 24/7 dynamic heart rate monitor via a high precision acceleration G sensor with super computing power chip

🏥Supports Apple Health with an advanced blood pressure monitor coupled with a cutting-edge oximeter with the PWTD technology Via AFE TI4900 IR Light

🚴‍♂️Optimise your fitness with a smart sports pedometer supported by a multi-sports mode with auto detection or manual selection of exercises

💤Improve your wellbeing via a reliable sleep monitor, alarm clock, do not disturb mode & sedentary reminder

📲Enjoy music on the go and stay connected with the smart connection control that offers phone search, push notification, call reminder and more

📸 Shake take cool photos: Memories can't be cooler; set the scene and just shake your hand to take a selfie or a group photo

Ergonomically curved Design with a Textured Skin Friendly Silicone Wristband

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Presented with Style & Functionality

Interact with your body and leverage the information to improve your physique with customisable features including:


  • Waterproof HD Touch Screen
  • Multi-Interface Dial
  • High Precision Acceleration G Sensor with Super computing Power Chip
  • Realtime Body Temperature Monitor & Non-contact Thermometer
  • Dynamic Heart Rate Monitor
  • Supports Apple Health with Blood Pressure Monitor
  • IR PWTD Oximeter
  • Multi-Motion Pedometer with Multi-Sports Mode
  • Bluetooth Music, Shake Take Photo, Time Display
  • Sleep Monitor, Sedentary Reminder, Alarm Clock, Do Not Disturb Mode
  • Smart Connection Control: Search Mobile, Call Reminder, Push Notifications, Hand-up Display
  • SRAM, Immunity, Multi Lingual
  • Android 4.4+ and IOS 8.0+
  • App: Wearfit 2.0

Customisable Multi-Interface Dial

Feel free to select from various options including: stylish, classic and cool interface dials that are nicely displayed on a waterproof HD touch screen for clear reading of displayed data.

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Real-Time Body Temperature Plus non-Contact Thermometer

24/7 Automatic real-time body temperature thermometer. Kash Rawa1 will monitor your temperature automatically 24/7 and alarm you when the body temperature is high. You can even set the app to make an appointment.

Alternatively, Kash Rawa1 can be used as non-contact thermometer by applying it to the forehead to detect body temperature. It’s a more convenient replacement of the handheld thermometer.


Supports Apple Health

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Automatic Heart Rate Monitor

Kash Rawa1 features a dynamic heart rate monitor that automatically monitors your heart rate variations 24/7 providing you with in-depth insight into your energy consumption. You can then utilise the data for optimal activity planning to achieve your fitness goals.

High Precision Acceleration G Sensor with Super Computing Power Chip

The watch monitors are fed via a high precision acceleration G sensor with super computing power chip for accurate detection.


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PWTD IR Oximeter

Kash Rawa1 offers a blood oxygen monitor that utilises the pulse wave time difference (PWTD) technology to provide you with a blood oxygen detection that’s as accurate as possible. The process is performed Via a AFE TI4900 infrared Light generated from the watch sensor.

Advanced Blood Pressure Monitor

This fitness watch Supports Apple Health and provides you with weekly health reports. It comes with an advanced blood pressure monitor.


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Multi-Motion Pedometer

Multi-Sports Mode

The smart sports pedometer is designed to assists you optimise your fitness. It features a multi-sports mode supported by intelligent computing of motion calories burned.


Automatic Exercise detection

Not only that, but this intelligent pedometer can automatically detect your exercise be it running, cycling, climbing… etc. It’ll then optimise collected data accordingly.

However, you’ll always have the option to set the sports mode manually.

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No Charger Needed

Follow the simple instructions below to start using your watch:


  • Charge the watch for at least 2 hours. Just plug the watch in your PC's USB port with its back facing up towards your screen.
  • Make sure you see the green battery charging icon on the screen.
  • Scan the barcode on the watch manual and install the app.
  • Turn the watch on with a long press (press and hold the bottom of the screen until it turns on). Keep it close to the phone.
  • On the app, click "Mine", "Connection management", then "Bind bracelet".
  • The watch pairs with your phone and automatically updates the time and date.
  • Use a short press to navigate between the watch screens and a long press to view or use the options of each screen.


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Music on the Go

Let your favourite music play wherever you go


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Automatic Sleep Monitor

Improve the quality of your sleep with an automatic sleep monitor that records the duration of your sleep and detects deep sleep, light Sleep & wakefulness. You can also leverage the watch’s alarm clock, do not disturb mode & sedentary reminder for better organisation of your daily life.

Smart Connection Control

You can’t be disconnected with the smart connection control that keeps you in the loop with the search mobile, call reminder, push Notifications and hand-up display

Shake take cool photos

Recording nice memories has never been less hassle free. Set the scene and just shake your hand to record the moment with a cool photo be it a selfie or a group picture.