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What's inside Kash KN95 Face Mask?

What's inside Kash KN95 Face Mask?

🔴 Our face masks N95 are made from premium quality non-woven fabric. They offer multi filters with 6-Layer Particle Filtration including:
⭐ Stylish breathable non-woven external layer
⭐ Hot air cotton insulation for moisture absorption and enhanced respiration
⭐ Activated carbon filter that removes pollutant molecules via adsorption
⭐ Double Melt-blown KN95 filter
⭐ Skin friendly non-woven internal layer
🔴 CE, EN149:2001+A1:2009, GB2626 – 2006, KN95, PM2.5 Certified stylish 3D shape designed to provide ergonomic fit and proper coverage of the face.

Defeat the Virus with Kash Global Sanitiser

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KN95 Masks vs. other Facemasks

KN95 Masks vs. other Facemasks

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